Islam and Society Sharia Law – Jihad – Women in Islam

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Essays The Challenge of Muslim Immigration to Europe The Challenge of Islam Are we Equipped? Is Multi(Culti) at an End? Islam – Religion of Peace? How Muslims view Christians What is a Fatwa? Islamic Mission” (Da’wa) Apostasy and Sharia The Significance of Islamic Tradition Women in Islam Islam” is not just Islam” Suicide, Martyrdom and Jihad Honor Killings and Ideas of Honor Christine Schirrmacher, born 1962 (MA in Islamic Studies 1988, Dr. phil. Islamic Studies 1991) has studied Arabic, Persian and Turkish and is presently Professor of Islamic Studies at the Department Religious Studies and Missiology of the Evangelisch-Theologische Faculteit” (Protestant University) in Leuven/Belgium. She is director of the Institut für Islamfragen (Institute of Islamic Studies) of the German Evangelical Alliance as well as an official speaker and advisor on Islam for the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). She lectures on Islam and security issues to authorities, is author of several books on Islam, sharia and family issues in Islam, has visited many countries of the Muslim world and is engaged in current dialogue initiatives, like the conference Loving God and Neighbour in Word and Deed Implications for Muslims and Christians” of the Yale Centre for Faith and Culture, Yale University, New Haven/Connecticut, in July 2008.

Buchreihe: The WEA Global Issues Series

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