Halfway Up the Mountain

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Restoring God’s Purpose in this Chaotic World

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Recently a top Christian leader wrote an article entitled America is in Crisis What do we do?” This theme was very interesting to me thus I read it with great expectations, but was sorry to hear once again that the apparent answer to the question was to return to the old methods that we have been using in the past. The world is changing and there are myriads of new possible methods and tools that can be used in the proclamation of the Gospel. We need to seek new answers to the question of What do we do?” The title of this book shows both the success of the past but also give us new challenges for the future. Our goal is to complete the great Commission of Jesus Christ and that is to Make disciples of all nations”. We have had much success in that at the present time we can say that approximately one third of the world claims some adherence to the Christian Faith. But the job is not yet completed. We are only half way there. In climbing a mountain the start is easy and exciting. We look at the beautiful peaks and can imagine what it will be like when we reach the top of the mountain. Once we have reached the peak, do we have an unspeakable joy as to our accomplishments? It is only when we are halfway up the mountain that real discouragement sets in. When we are half way towards our ultimate goal we need to get ready for the more difficult part of the task. We have accomplished much but still much needs to be done.

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