What Difference Does the Trinity Make?

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A Complete Faith, Life, and Worldview

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Who would have thought that the doctrine of the Trinity could be so practical, and so enjoyable? Thomas Johnson has related the Trinity to the Christian faith, life, and worldview in a way that is soundly biblical, solidly anchored in historic Christianity, and attractive to the heart. The reader will be challenged to recognize the importance of this vital doctrine, to embrace its truth, and to enjoy knowing the glorious Lord it describes. I highly recommend it! T. Preston Pearce, Ph.D. Baptist Theologian This is a fresh and valuable way to look at the classic core doctrines of the historic, Christian faith, highlighting their ethical and social implications. It would be especially valuable to a new believer who needs to see that doctrine and practical concerns should never be divorced and help to build a Christian view of the world. John Wiers, Ph.D. Presbyterian Theologian There is nothing so central to Christian faith and difficult to understand as the Trinity. Dr Johnson provides here what the church desperately needs a clearly-written and eminently practical guide to seeing the beauty of God in the mystery of His triune being.” Gerald McDermott, Ph.D. Anglican Theologian As a young man, Tom Johnson found himself to be a member of a small church that was rapidly becoming an authoritarian, legalistic, irrational cult. After observing the destructive results of this pseudo-church in the lives of its members, Johnson and some other students began a biblical critique of the movement which led to its disintegration and collapse. Some former members rejected the Christian faith because of what they had experienced. Johnson began an anxious quest for an alternate model or paradigm on what the Christian faith and life are, because he felt that continuing to be a practicing Christian might be possible with a better overall perspective on what Christians should believe and how they should live. This book contains some of the fruit of his anxious quest, a renewed Trinitarian faith and worldview. Johnson has served as the pastor of three evangelical churches and taught philosophy or theology in ten universities and theological schools in nine countries. He is currently Vice President for Research for Martin Bucer Seminary (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, and Turkey), Adjunct Professor of Social Studies at Vilnius Pedagogical University (Lithuania), Professor of Theology, Philosophy and Public Policy for the International Institute for Christian Studies, and Director of the Comenius Institute (Prague, Czech Republic).

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