The Persecution of Christians Concerns Us All

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In this situation I can highly recommend Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher’s new book. It gives a clear and logical insight in many of the questions even people who consider themselves non-religious people now ask. It can best be read with an open Bible and some open daily newspaper. It will give a surprisingly new insight into what it means to live in ‘a time like this’.” (From the preface by the Very Rev. Johan Candelin, Director of the Religious Liberty Commission of the World Evangelical Alliance) Suffering comes in many forms, but the one that Scripture tells all Christians to expect is persecution for one’s faith. As Thomas Schirrmacher’s theological study will demonstrate, the Bible has a tremendous amount to teach us about persecution. Without a Biblical understanding, we are unlikely to fully grasp the nature of the spiritual battle. I am delighted, therefore, that his book puts the Bible’s teaching on persecution centre stage.” (Preface by Julia Doxat-Purser. Socio-PoliticalRepresentative & Religious Liberty Coordinator for the European Evangelical Alliance) Thomas Schirrmacher (*1960) is professor of ethics and of world missions, as well as professor of the sociology of religion and of international development in Germany, Romania, Turkey and India, and is president of Martin Bucer Theological Seminary with 11 small campuses in Europe (including Turkey). As an international human rights expert he is board member of the International Society for Human Rights, spokesman for human rights of the World Evangelical Alliance and director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom (Bonn, Cape Town, Colombo). He is also president of Gebende Hände gGmbH (Giving Hands), an internationally active relief organization. He has authored and edited 74 books, which have been translated into 14 languages. He earned four doctorates in Theology (Dr. theol., 1985, Netherlands), in Cultural Anthropology (PhD, 1989, USA), in Ethics (ThD, 1996, USA), and in Sociology of Religions (Dr. phil., 2007, Germany) and received two honorary doctorates in Theology (DD, 1997, USA) and International Development (DD, 2006, India). Thomas is married to Christine, a professor of Islamic Studies, and father of a boy and a girl.

Buchreihe: The WEA Global Issues Series

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